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The Pamoja Foundation has been created to supply micro loans (that is, loans of as little as C$125) to the productive poor in developing countries; currently we are focusing on the African country, Kenya. We have embraced the Grameen model, a system of support, developed by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, which has now been in existence for more than thirty years. It is a proven, extremely successful way to empower the poor to create their own opportunities toward financial self-sustainability.

Since the inception of the micro-credit movement, 36 million borrowers have been reached in 52 countries, however, there is much work still to do. Poverty has yet to be eradicated; it is within our reach, as a global community, to accomplish this extraordinary goal. Dr. Yunus states that: "If society was structured for self-employment, there would be no reason to fear being poor. If we have this kind of change in the marketplace, then I see a world that is absolutely free of poverty. I'm not talking about a remote future, I mean in the next 20 or 30 years."


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