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Thank you to everyone who has supported us by donating their invaluable time, resources and money -- and who are helping us -- build the Pamoja Foundation.


Corporate Sponsors

Proximity Design Group

Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks

Marquis Wine Cellars

Whistler Water

Hager Books

Messages from the Heart

Blackberry Books


School of Thoth

Preisco Jentash, Tree of Life

Personalized Catering

Real People Music

Freakin Sports

Cordova Cafe

Teaching for Thinking

Kinetics Fitness


Musicians and Performers

Julia Larmour

Paul Plimley

pdwohl djembe

Lyle Povah


Mohamed Ahmed



Amrita Sondhi

Kimberley Steadman


Founders of the Pamoja Foundation

These are the people that held the vision to make this foundation possible.

Amrita Sondhi

Michelle Gibson

Ken Naumann

Sue Seaward

Iskander Ahmed

Salma Tejpah

Giap Dang


Advisors & Supporters

Peter Webster

Nevenka Webster

Louise Roper

Azmina Kassam

Arne Olsen

Prem Gill

Noor Shariff

David Icharia

Betty Icharia

Rashid Ahmed

Feisal Dedhar

Mary Connolly

Constance Devine

David Devine

Kim Sengara

Blake Bromley

Giselle Yasmeen

Sue Seward

Brenda Kyle

Sherry Doman

Howard Hale

Joanne Taylor

Rory Godinho

Patricia Dunn

Meagan Andrews

Leela Johnson

Linda Cole

Sandra Sammartino

Anne Stafford

Tabitha Toy

Brenda Kiss

Jaqueline Guest

Mavis Jones

Paul Jones

Joe Paithouski

Sadru Ahmed

Shirin Sondhi

Lata Sood

Bert Sherlock

Edwin Coppard

Mary Stevens

Najib Balala

Umang Hutheesing

Margot Paris

Susan Van Der Flier

Sharon Norlander

Tracy Henry

Janice Groff

Barrie Street

Jocelyn Pritchard

South African Townships Project

Heather Fulcher

Leo Rankin



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