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While your donation works in perpetuity to help the very poor in Kenya, the interest from the loans made to Kenyan micro-banks ultimately returns to Canada where it is donated to Canadian initiatives working to create self-sufficiency for people in Canada. This dynamic enables the Pamoja Foundation to maximize your contribution so that it works abroad and at home; and while Canadians are helping Kenyans, these same people are able to help Canadians.

Your contribution will work in perpetuity, increasing in efficacy over time, helping increasing numbers of people. Your donation also empowers recipients to strive for self-sustainability for themselves and their families, and to break away from the cycle of reliance on short-term charity. How can we do this? Through the time-tested, innovative, and successful system of micro-banking.

The Pamoja Foundation's goal is to create a cycle of empowerment through both lending and donations, leading to financial self-sufficiency and the opportunity for a better future.


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